Maybe Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi made Zelensky an offer he couldn’t refuse. Like, for instance, an opportunity to speak to a Joint Meeting of the Congress. Nancy has sole control of the House Floor until January 3, 2023. Time was of the essence.

She’s not going to give that away. Please. Nancy Pelosi didn’t get to be her father’s daughter by giving stuff away. She had an extremely valuable asset for the “right” person. Zelensky had to know he couldn’t milk the American taxpayer forever. And he knew there was daylight between him and his essential partner, Joe Biden. Zelensky talked incessantly about “victory” mentioning it 11 times in his Speech to the Joint Session. Biden, in recent comments, never spoke of “victory” over Russia but used words like “fair settlement.”

So, all of a sudden, I pick up the Washington Post and I see an article in the December 27, 2022, Paper saying Ukraine’s Foreign Minister has asked the United Nations to conduct a “Peace Summit” at the United Nations in New York City in February.

Of course. Zelensky does New York?


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