Last Sunday, Dana Bash of CNN, narrated a one-hour program on the rise of Anti Semitism in the USA. I watched it all. In my opinion, it was very deeply unimpressive. In other words it was pretentious and mediocre.

The fatal flaw of the Special was that it didn’t contain an ounce of self-examination or reflection on the activities of the American Jewish Community itself and how the fellow citizens of American Jews, also known as “the rest of us“, view those activities.

The fact is that through the political power of the Jewish Community in the USA, we, all of us, give more money to rich and prosperous Israel than we give to all of the Countries of Sub Saharan Africa combined, a desperately poor area from which most of the slaves began their voyage to the Western Hemisphere.

Are you OK with that, Dana Bash?

Not only does Israel get an embarrassment of riches, the political power of the American Jewish Community enables Jews to select who gets aid and who doesn’t. Jordan and Egypt get Aid as long as they “play nice” with Israel. Iran stays in the doghouse until Israel says they can come out.

The fact that the American Jewish Community has been instrumental in getting the USA, which belongs to all of us, to go to war unnecessarily in Iraq on the pretense, as declared by Benjamin Netanyahu before a Committee of the US Congress, “that there was no doubt” that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Netanyahu made that statement a year and a day after we were hit on September 11, 2001. The US went to war and suffered mightily. Israel didn’t help. They didn’t in Afghanistan either. No WMD were found.

The Dana Bash CNN Special went to some length describing the permissible ways to talk about Israel and Jews. Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters should practice what they preach. I remember the lead up to the unnecessary war with Iraq, after 9/11. The French thought it was a bad idea and opted out. Jewish commentators took great delight in referring to the French as “Surrender Monkeys.” The term was invented by a Jewish Writer, Ken Keeler, working for FOX which is owned by a Jewish owner, Rupert Murdoch.

The normal custodians of fair speech who ride to the rescue if a Jew is referred to inappropriately, The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center seemed to be unconcerned. The late Charles Krauthammer, advocate for Jews, used the term in a column, as did the Jewish owned The New York Times.

Where’s the outrage, Dana?

The historical stupidity of referring to the French as lacking in courage is obvious to anyone with some knowledge of the World. France became a country in 800 AD. Israel in 1948. The Jews like to say Israel lives in a tough neighborhood. France borders Germany, not necessarily a warm and fuzzy bunch, those Germans. Most Jews would agree. With the exception of the stupid Iraq war, urged upon us by Netanyahu, France has always fought with, and for, the USA from Yorktown with Washington, to Afghanistan with the USA. Israel has never put a soldier at risk for us anywhere. They prefer to hold our coat.

Dana, do you have any idea why Israel never fights with us? Did you know that even IRAN (!!!) fought with us after 9/11? And Jordan?

If you’re going to play the Anti-Semitism card what you are really saying is that you are not getting respect for who you are. My life experience tells me that if you want respect, give respect. Frequently, its one way with the Jewish Community. They demand respect and give it to those who have utility for Jewish interests in the future.

The following are examples of the Jewish Community not respecting the rest of us:

The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case. Look it up. Israel who we have supported non stop, since their founding spied on us, weakening the USA. Israel has been unhelpful, to this day, at giving the US a full accounting of what they received from Pollard and whether any of that information was given to Russia, to get Russia to allow some Jewish scientists to go to Israel.

Not nice, Dana. Not nice at all. At least through the eyes of those Americans who aren’t Jewish.

The disgusting disrespect by Israel and some American Jews towards President Obama. In an unprecedented move the nation of Israel went around the sitting President of the United States and conspired, in secret, with our President’s political opponents to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak before a Joint Meeting of the United States Congress and oppose the Foreign Policy of the United States President. Gross disrespect and attempted humiliation. Also, world class dumb.

You really should have dealt with that in your special, Dana. It was very disrespectful to our President. I’m sure it was hurtful to African- Americans.

Let me go way back to the Administration of the Great Ronald Reagan. (I’m a Pelosi-Obama Democrat but I have always had tremendous respect for Reagan’s ability to stand up to the Israelis when they assumed too much). The matter in question was inherited by Reagan when he came into office. It involved selling unarmed AWACS aircraft to Saudi Arabia. Reagan studied the pros and cons and decided it was a good idea. Under the system in place at the time, the Congress could kill the proposal if both the House and Senate disapproved.

Reagan did some homework. The House had voted to Disapprove. The best estimates had the Proposal losing by 20 votes in the Senate. The Israelis were on the threshold of embarrassing a brand new American President on his first major legislative battle. The stupidity, selfishness and the gall of the Israelis on that matter was beyond epic.

Ronald Reagan picked up the phone and went to work. The Israelis had made the mistake of telling Ronald Reagan that they ran American Foreign Policy not the elected American President. To make a long story shorter, Reagan won the Senate vote 52 – 48. Reagan said in his Autobiography, that he worked that issue as hard as any in his two terms.

After the vote the Israeli government released a statement that denounced the Reagan Administration, “for anti-semitism and betrayal.” Look it up. It’s in Reagan’s Autobiography at Page 416.

I hope Dana Bash does not think that Ronald Reagan was an antisemite.


The Israelis and their Jewish supporters in the United States seem to revel in not just beating their opponents but humiliating them. That’s what they tried to do with Ronald Reagan and he kicked their ass. Good for Ronald Reagan. Damn good for him.

I can’t think of anything I ever saw a political actor do that was stupider and more arrogant than what the Israelis did to Barack Obama. They snuck around him, went behind his back and arranged for Benjamin Netanyahu to speak against the policy of the President of the United States before a Joint Meeting of Congress. The matter before the Country at that time was the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Arrogant, stupid, counterproductive and disgusting. Obama, with the help of one of my favorites, Nancy Pelosi, found the votes in the Senate to prevent a Resolution of Disapproval from coming to a vote.

I didn’t vote in the Hillary-Trump Election. But, I told anyone who would listen, that if either one of the candidates would make the following statement I’d vote for him or her, give money and knock on doors 24/7.


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