Want what? The United States of America. Our country. Where we live. The place we call home.

It’s not a perpetual motion machine. It doesn’t run itself. It’s a volitional organism. Its not guaranteed to last forever.

It came into existence by an act of will. Blood was shed. We almost came undone in the Civil War. Much more blood was shed. It has continued to exist because a critical mass of citizens have determined consciously or subconsciously that their lives are better with it, than without it. And, a critical mass of citizens has a vested interest in having it continue to succeed.

It’s continued existence as a “going concern” has never been questioned in my lifetime. I’m watching CNN and they’re talking about shootings last night in Philadelphia, Chattanooga, Summerton, SC, Lexington, KY plus Phoenix and Mesa, AZ. The horror of Uvalde, TX is already in the rear view mirror.

Columbine and Sandy Hook are ancient history

And, all of a sudden, I started to think….this can’t last. I’m in NYC right this moment where I have access to an apartment on the Upper West Side. For the first time ever I thought, I wonder what the odds are of getting shot if I go out for a walk after the golf tournament on TV is over?

I don’t want to overdo this. I think of odds for weird stuff all the time. It’s part of having been a poker player and living in Las Vegas and legalized betting on everything now. When I watch a golf tournament and a guy has a three foot putt to win a tournament I think, what are the odds I would need to bet $100 he misses?

What are the odds for America, right now? We’re in good shape right this moment. At least for the next couple of months. Joe is stuck in the low forties in job approval. The country’s love for Ukraine is turning to “enough already.” It turned for some of us a long time ago…right about the time Zelensky said he wanted to “make Ukraine more like Israel.”

Joe is not an inspiring leader but people respect his gut instincts. The hard nose NRA position that the Second Amendment protects all weapons (including weapons that fire over one hundred bullets per minute) is a long-term loser. Which is good news in the long term but more pain before enough actually becomes enough.

It’s our turn to step up. Franklin had it right when he responded to the question about what the Constitutional Convention had produced…”a Republic if you can keep it.”

He was speaking to us. How bad do we want it?

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