It’s a thing. People who know nothing, suddenly know everything. If you don’t love Ukraine more than life itself you are totally unhip. If you’re on your way to Ukraine to help you’ve got superstar status. Secret handshake to follow.

As John McEnroe would say “You cannot be Serious.”

I support most of the Biden approach to Russia-Ukraine, but I’ve got way too much Groucho Marx in me to go all in on Ukraine Mania. Groucho established his credentials as a contrarian for the ages when he famously said, “I’d never join a club that would let someone like me in.”

I don’t join clubs and I can’t buy into the one-sided, non-stop, Press love for Ukraine, beyond all reason. It makes me think folks skilled at misdirection, have an agenda above and beyond Ukraine and that they don’t want the rest of us in on the intricacies of the plan.

The Chosen delegate. The Sheeple follow, ad infinitum. Everybody knows their role. Next time it hits the fan in Gaza (The Israelis Call it “Mowing the Grass.”) the day trippers will be too busy with Pilates. Funny, that.

I’ve had the feeling of being played by the Press on Ukraine from jump. The way they handled the fact of President Volodymyr Zelensky being Jewish seemed odd. Mentioning it constantly early on, but acting like it was unimportant when, in reality, it was all important. And the number two person in the country, Prime Minister Volodymyr (you can’t make this up) Groysman just happens to be Jewish too in a country where less than one half of one percent of the population is Jewish. I’d like to be able to tell you that Mel Brooks is in charge of a Government Department to be named later but…..sorry.

So, what I suspect is that Israel, assisted by friendly Media, has a role in pushing Russia and Putin, in particular, off the list of countries entitled to have a considered opinion on Israel’s number one issue. Iran. Their (Israel’s) new fair haired boy is Volodymyr Zelensky who, I’m sure, will appear before a Joint Session of Congress and bask in adulation and counsel the adoring assemblage that the real danger to world peace in the future is….IRAN.

Can you dig it!

Is this a great country or what?

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