Rachel Maddow, who was unwilling to mention the name of the late Sheldon Adelson during his lifetime, is excited about a non case involving a second echelon actor doing next to nothing with a slightly unimportant country that has oil, an airline and tee shirts.

The guy is Tom Barrack. Nice guy, Christian, Lebanese descent, billionaire, second echelon Trump player. The country is United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sunni, useful to Israel against Shia Iran. The Charge: Barrack helped UAE make nice to Trump and helped Trump make nice to UAE so the Kushner-Adelson-Netanyahu plan of aligning Sunni Arab states against Shia Iran would succeed.

The problem is he didn’t sign some papers to declare himself a Registered Foreign Agent for the United Arab Emirates an extremely selectively enforced statue. Barrack was helping Trump execute Trump’s foreign policy for the USA. Meanwhile Adelson (who died Jan. 11, 2021) spent nearly the entire Trump presidency getting Trump to execute Israel’s Foreign Policy. Adelson never registered as a Foreign Agent.

No need to. He was protected by our timid press on all things Israel.

Rachel began her show with the Barrack Case Thursday and Friday evenings with dramatic readings from the Barrack Indictment. She’s been gone from her show the last two nights. Interesting. Second thoughts?

Hang in there Tom Barrack. Kick their ass and sue them for malicious abuse of process.

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