Ten Republicans voting to Impeach is better than it looks. When you serve a two year term, an election is always around the corner and your base is essential. Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming deserves credit for voting to Impeach. Her state went for Trump by over 40 points and she is No. 3 in the Republican Leadership. Her vote took guts.

Nancy Pelosi responded to and unified the Democratic Caucus around a lean and mean one count charge that can be proved out of Trump’s mouth…the speech he gave to the mob before they descended on the Capitol killing a Capitol Policeman and four others.

Mitch McConnell has let it be known that he’s done with Trump. He has announced that he will not call the Senate back into emergency session and that he will follow the evidence to determine his vote. McConnell’s wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigned from the Cabinet, the day after the invasion, assault and murdering at the Capitol. McConnell is a master survivor. Trump is a negative in his life. He will act accordingly.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) has a role to play in the next week. She has reported seeing individuals receiving “tours” of the Capitol on January 5, the day before the assault and murder binge on the Capitol. She has reported her observations through channels. The clear implication is that Trump-Friendly Members of Congress were using their “privileges” to give rioters a detailed preview of the very complex physical layout of the Capitol. Rep. Sherrill is not to be trifled with…Lawyer, Military Helicopter Pilot. She will insist that any Member of Congress aiding riot participants on the day before the riot be expelled from the Congress.

Present and Voting. It takes a two-thirds vote by all Senate members present and voting to Convict and Remove. You can bet that every Democrat will be present to vote to convict. You cannot make that same bet that every Republican will be present for the vote. Democrats are united in their contempt for Trump. Republican support for Trump is fear-based. They worry about what’s left of Trump’s base. It will not hurt McConnell’s feelings one bit if a couple or more Republican Senators “catch a cold” and are unable to be present to save Trump.

Breaking News. The next few days, news reporting should give us more insight into what exactly Trump was doing and who he was talking to during the hours of murder and mayhem at the Capitol. There are background reports that Trump was mesmerized by the show. The press has to work their sources to get more on the record detail. Was he calling friends… laughing it up? Testimony to that effect would sink him.

Prediction. The United States Senate, by two thirds vote of Senators present and voting, will Convict and Remove Trump.

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