The present mess, also known as the Trump Administration, cries out for resolution. Immediately. The Country cannot continue without a functioning Executive Branch. Right now, we do not have a functioning Executive Branch.

We are running the risk of war, by miscalculation, or a crash in World Financial Markets followed by Depression. It’s that serious. I am not an alarmist by nature. I have not felt the sense of real and present danger at any other time.

There is a deal available. It looks like this:

ONE. Vice President Pence Resigns Immediately.

TWO. President Trump Resigns Immediately Following Pence’s Resignation and agrees to accept no pension or Past President’s office or staff.

THREE. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, under the Constitution, succeeds immediately to the Presidency and, as her first acts as President, receives the Resignations of Pence and Trump and immediately issues Presidential Pardons to Pence and Trump for any and all violations of Federal Law that occurred during their respective service as Vice President and President.

FOUR. President Pelosi announces she will not be a candidate for President in 2020.

FIVE. All of the above actions (resignations and pardons) could be accomplished virtually simultaneously at the same time and place. Deal done. Pardons issued. Trump and Pence gone.


We could have blood in the streets in the good old USA. There’s no telling what a cornered Trump might say or do. Where’s the stability? Not in China, not in the UK, not in Europe. The world needs a strong and stable USA.

I’ve never been a Trump hater, but it’s bigger than Trump now. It’s about the Country and the World. If a deal has to be sweetened to get rid of Trump (like pardons to family and/or no release of his taxes in his lifetime) make the deal.

Trump has to go. It can’t wait.


Trump’s present job approval numbers according to Gallup are 43%. At that level any sort of Pardon for Resignation Deal is unrealistic. At 33% he will be ready to receive a delegation composed of Speaker Pelosi and Leader McConell at which time he will learn that he cannot count on 25 Republican Senators. He’s on his way to 33 and lower. At that point a resolution is possible.

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