Our Country needs an Intervention. We need the best we’ve got. Nancy Pelosi and Bob Mueller are the best we’ve got.

Donald Trump and Sarah Sanders and Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner and Robert Barr are not the best we have. They’ve shown themselves to be a second string collection of liars and opportunists who make us look mean spirited, stupid and for sale to the highest bidder. They have two skills…lying and stoking hate.

There’s some serious stuff going on here, in our Country, and in the World. Business as usual will not suffice. We need honesty, wisdom and courage. We need goodness. Old fashioned stuff, corny stuff…for sure. Most of the time, goodness is part of the background music of the good old USA…America the Beautiful. We had it under Kennedy and Reagan and Poppy Bush and Obama. And, I’m sure, we would have had it under Romney or McCain, if they had won. For much of our history Americans have been thought of as a “good” people with “good” leaders who were generally well received wherever they went.

Wisdom, honesty, courage, goodness made that possible. Can anyone say with a straight face that is what Trump is about? The question answers itself. Be serious.

Yet, even though Trump is who he is, he’s probably a 50-50 shot of beating any combination of announced Democratic candidates composing a ticket on the Democratic side. That’s why we need an intervention. We have to go outside the box. We need a ticket of two people who have shown themselves, over time, to embody the basic virtues of honesty, courage, wisdom and goodness plus have demonstrated skills at government. Two people whose past accomplishments command respect and, by virtue of that respect, allow them to assemble a bi-partisan team of the best and the brightest.

Their mission would be to pledge to serve one term only, run a fifty state campaign and, when elected, disinfect the country from the putrid dung heap of Trumpism. There job would be to make America good again and, after four years, go away.

It’s been a long time since a political party drafted an individual as the party’s nominee. The Republicans did it in 1952 with Retired Five Star General Dwight Eisenhower. The Democrats had been in power for twenty years and the Republicans wanted someone who had universal respect. Ike had it and won big. The Democrats also did it, sort of, with Roosevelt (FDR) in 1940. FDR was elected in ’32 and reelected in ’36. At the Democratic Convention in 1940 FDR indicated he would “follow custom and not seek a third term.” The Convention, recognizing the needs of the moment…Depression, WW II looming…nominated FDR who won two more times.

The Election of 2020 is every bit as big as the elections of 1940 and 1952. What a ridiculous statement it would make to ourselves and the world for us to say we want more of Trump…he’s the best we’ve got. I mean if that isn’t Puke City what is. There are some good candidates on the Democratic side…but, I don’t see anyone who is a major favorite to take Trump down. Not Bernie (socialism does not play in Peoria) Joe has been losing since the 80s, Amy’s so nice, Beto sweats…what else? Corey emotes. Every single one of them is capable of getting their ass kicked by Trump.

Believe it.


The Democrat Candidate has to be a Big Personality. They have to make Trump look small by comparison.

Nobody has been bigger for longer in Washington than Nancy Pelosi. She’s a practical idealist with no “back down” in her. She commands respect in her own caucus and from Republicans. Call John Boehner or Paul Ryan or George W. Bush or Barack Obama and ask them if Nancy Pelosi can be trusted and whether she’s good at what she does. She is a first class human being, a tough fighter and she’s got a ton of energy. She should be at the top of the ticket.

Bob Mueller is a throw back. He doesn’t need to wear an American Flag lapel pin to prove his patriotism. He took real flak in Viet Nam. He’s got the wounds to prove it.

Trump found a Doctor to keep him out of the military…bone spurs. When asked which foot, Trump said, “I forgot.” Bob Mueller had to get medical help to get into the Marines. He got in and won the Bronze Star. Ask George W. Bush and Barack Obama if he’s any good at what he does. Both appointed him head of the FBI. Ask some of the Marines he served with what they think of him…or FBI agents that worked with him.

He’s at the bottom of the Ticket.

What a great partnership. Compete in fifty states and give Trump the beating he deserves.

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