Let’s clear the clutter surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

FIRST, the President can nominate anybody he wants and the Senate can Confirm or fail to Confirm for any reason or no reason. If Ds want their dream candidate, win the Presidency. If they want to deny Confirmation to someone they don’t like, win the Senate. It’s a political process. That’s what the Framers of the Constitution wanted it to be. Win elections and stop whining.

SECOND, why the rush to confirm? There is no rush. This process has been delayed, for months, because of two people. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and United States Senator Diane Feinstein, Democrat (CA).

THREE, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, by her own admission and the admission of her lawyer, never wanted her name to become public regarding the alleged events involving Kavanaugh. Reflect on that. Please. In what universe is that considered honorable, courageous, or even decent behavior? Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was willing to level vile and disgusting charges and wanted to maintain her “privacy”. As Church Lady would say on Saturday Night Live, “Isn’t that special?”

FOUR, Trump announced Kavanaugh was his choice for the Supreme Court on July 9, 2018. Shortly after that, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford contacted Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (CA) and requested an appointment. Rep. Eshoo met with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in Eshoo’s District Office in San Jose, CA on July 20. According to Rep. Eshoo, they met for 90 minutes. Rep. Eshoo received Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s written statement and “walked it over” to Senator Diane Feinstein’s Office. (Whether Eshoo “walked it over” back in Washington or in CA where they both have offices is unclear). What is clear is that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s story was out and in the hands of people who could hurt Kavanaugh on July 20 and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was safely anonymous.

The dirty deed was being done and Dr.Christine Blasey Ford could sit back and let the carnage unfold and nobody would know where it came from. Hero? I don’t think so. If you don’t know anything else about this case know that.

FIVE, Senator Diane Feinstein, the lead Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, receives the information and doesn’t tell anybody. She meets with Kavanaugh privately in a so called “courtesy call” nominees make before Confirmation Hearings and doesn’t give him a heads up to the extent that “we have anonymous information about bad conduct of a sexual assault character from your Prep School Days”. A typical question in a session like that would be “do you have anything you can tell me right now?” That would be fair.

That didn’t happen.


Every day in this Country, in cities large and small, women go into Courthouses and confront men who have beaten and raped them. They are known. Their name is in the paper. They have to worry about embarrassing cross examination from defense lawyers and possible retribution by associates of the accused. They are not protected and defended by MSNBC and CNN. Nobody calls them heroes.

These women are heroes. Anita Hill was a hero.

I don’t see any heroes on the Democratic side in this case. Definitely not Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her huge and growing entourage. And certainly not Senator Diane Feinstein.

I’m for Kavanaugh. I do not share his views on many, maybe most, issues. But the behavior of the Ds in this matter cannot be rewarded. It has a foul odor. I can smell it from New England.

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