Ruthie Blum writes a column for Sheldon Adelson's online daily, Israel Hayom.

Ms. Blum sees the world as divided into two groups: those who love Israel enough; and those who don't.

To qualify for the first group, the bar is high. It requires a level of obsequiousness towards all things Israel to which many are not willing to sink.

Newt got there. He called the Palestinians "an invented people." Sheldon recognized Newt's love in the appropriate manner … about $10 million. Mitt got there. He said "the Palestinians have an inferior culture." Sheldon did his part … generously.

President Obama just never did click with Ms. Blum or her boss. By her lights, when the United States did something for Israel during the Obama presidency, it wasn't fast enough or big enough or done cheerfully enough. When he met with Bibi Netanyahu, the President didn't seem happy enough to see him.

Well, all this has been just too much for Ms. Blum, with the President winning the election and all. On August 4, Ms. Blum posted a piece on Israel Hayom in which she referenced the Obama administration's decision to temporarily close some embassies in the Middle East in response to intelligence assessments.

In a bit of a non sequitur, she proceeded to pour out all her grievances that had been building up towards President Obama since his re-election. The President played golf. The President admitted to authorizing the takedown of Bin Laden. The President went on Letterman when he could have met with Bibi.

It was all just so painful.

But Ms. Blum was not done. Someone would have to pay for her hurt. Someone would have to be called out publically and shamed.

Who? The American people, dammit. That's who.

Ms. Blum's post closed as follows: "Whether or not the very credible threat of bloodshed from al-Qaida quarters is realized this month, the organization can feel satisfied that it brought the US to its knees in fearful anticipation of horrors to come."

There's a lot that can be said about Ms. Blum's comment. Let me keep it brief.

The United States and its citizens are not on their knees, and have not been on their knees in my lifetime. It is true that many Americans are crouched in foxholes in Afghanistan, fighting terrorists for our protection, and for the benefit and protection of Israel, where Ms. Blum lives.

When they are shot, I'm sure many have fallen to their knees, possibly in prayer, in hopes that they will get out alive.

We've lost 2,157 men and women in our efforts in Afghanistan. We've been fortunate to have the assistance of 29 other countries who lost a total of 1,413 men and women helping us.

Major contributions have come from the UK, Canada, and France. Smaller countries like Finland, Belgium, and Jordan have contributed troops and suffered fatalities.

Israel, where Ms. Blum resides, has provided no assistance.

Ms. Blum should take her search for people "on their knees in fear" elsewhere. She won't find them in the US, or amongst the 29 countries who are our coalition partners.


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