Tuesday, October 2 at 9pm, Sean Hannity released a tape of a June 2007 speech of then-Senator Obama before a mostly black group in Hampton, Virginia.

Hannity described the tape as a 'bombshell' that is 'highly inflammatory.' His guest, Tucker Carlson, introduced the tape, saying, "Obama is talking to a black audience and saying the Federal Government doesn't like you because you are black."

The tape runs almost 40 minutes. I watched and listened to it in its entirety on the Daily Caller website. There's no there, there.

The speech opens with then-Senator Obama saying a few kind words about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was in the audience. He goes on to tell a story about a pregnant woman who was shot during the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King beating. The bullet that struck the woman hit her unborn child and lodged in the child's arm. With the work of superb medical personnel, the baby was delivered, the bullet was removed from her arm, and mother and child survived.

Obama used the removal of the bullet as a metaphor for the need to repair what is injured in our lives, community, and country.

There are a number of comments that Obama made in his speech that Hannity and Carlson do not highlight that some may view as noteworthy. Specifically:

  1. "By God's grace the baby was fine, praise God."
  2. "Give praise and honor to God."
  3. "I learned that my sins could be forgiven."

I would suggest that if all voters had a chance to view this tape and the Romney 47% tape and had no other information but that to go on, Obama would beat Romney 65% – 35%.

Hannity and Carlson have been trying to tar Obama with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright for almost five years.

They whiffed again.

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