RICHARD GRENELL has been appointed National Security and Foreign Policy Spokesman for presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Mr. Grenell, who is openly gay, seems to have never had an unblogged or untweeted thought. 

Now that he is being thrust into a high-profile position, Mr. Grenell has manifested a passionate interest in history … specifically, his own history. He's been as busy as a dog in a rooftop carbox (you heard it here first) scrubbing his Twitter account of hundreds of tweets that show him to be more of a sassy gossip than a foreign policy maven. 

Mr. Grenell's observations that have made it into the public realm seem to focus on the weight of certain men (Newt Gingrich) or the face (Hillary Clinton) and hair (Calista Gintgrich) of certain women. Although Mr. Grenell attended Evangel College, a small Christian school in Missouri, his observations in these tweets were singularity lacking in Christian charity.

We can only hope that Mr. Grenell approves of the weight, face, and hair of his new boss, Mitt Romney and if, over time, he observes any deterioration in those features, he allows those observations to remain untweeted.