If you watch a bit of Fox in the 8pm to 11pm time slot, you will notice a number of phrases that recur when attacking President Obama…in other words, pretty much all the time. You can count on a healthy sampling of the following:


             Everybody knows

             Taxing job creators

             Throwing our friends under the bus

             Death tax

             Apology tour

             Chinese are eating our lunch

             Narrative that resonates

             Boots on the ground

             Class warfare


             He says he's a Christian

             Sharia law

             The bottom line

If one has better things to do in that 3 hour time slot, I suggest a nightly recitation of the following magic sentence:

Magic Sentence:

            Everybody knows that taxing job creators and throwing our friends under the bus so Obama can collect a  death tax (as if the dead don't have enough to worry about) to pay for an apology tour while dithering so the Chinese will not be interrupted while eating our lunch, is a non-resonating narrative with the American people, who want somebody else's feet in the boots on the ground and clarity on class warfare, contraception, and Sharia law, which is, in all honesty, the bottom line, which about everybody except Obama knows, even though he says he's a Christian…but even on that, he dithers. 


In view of the fact that Fox has a streamlined and efficient business model, the sentence is a workable guide to Fox coverage, irrespective of what people and nations actually say or do on a given day. 

When Elvis Presley watched the news on one of his giant-screen TVs at Graceland Mansion, he kept a twelve-gauge shotgun by his recliner. If the news and commentary was not to his liking, he would dispatch the TV. 

The magic sentence is a lower-cost alternative to the Elvis option. Read the magic sentence Monday through Friday, and you're good to go. You're up-to-date on Fox coverage. 

For those with a little more time, some bells and whistles can be added to the magic sentence. It can be turned into a bonding experience with friends and family by mixing and matching phrases. For example, take three phrases such as, "throwing our friends under the bus", "boots on the ground", and "the Chinese are eating our lunch", and you can arrive at "The Chinese are eating our boots" or "Our friends are throwing our lunch under the bus" or "The Chinese are throwing our friends at our boots." 

As they say on Fox, we report, you decide.