Donald Trump, the billionaire builder who says he “loves the Bible” is on track to spend more time with it. He certainly will not have to worry about being encumbered by the responsibilities of public office. Trump told us that “we would win so much with him as President that we would get tired of


October 3 is the first debate. The moderator is Jim Lehrer of PBS, and the subject matter is domestic policy. It will last 90 minutes. The format will allow time for substantive answers. If present polls hold between now and October 3, President Obama will be going into the debate with a 79% likelihood of


A friend of mine who worked for a Senator from Arkansas liked to tell the story about the preacher applying for a job at a church in a small rural community in that state. The church elders, who were charged with making the hiring decision, met with this preacher to ask him his views on


Pat Buchanan is an acquired taste. He's sort of like Scotch whiskey…bracing and not for everyone. Pat's penchant for prostrating himself simultaneously on all of the third rails of American politics (Israel, race, sexual orientation, abortion, and immigration) finally caught up with him. MSNBC finalized a de facto separation. Pat took it like a champ…no